10 Things We Do Better

1. Our guarantees. We are one of the few IT companies to offer customers a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days on all new IT Support agreements. If you are not 100% satisfied with our services we will return 100% of your money paid for the IT support agreement over the first 60 days.

2. We charge NO setup fees and our agreements are month-to-month. So we can be flexible with your business with no lock in contracts and no additional fees.

3. No red tape. We guarantee to get your problems fixed fast with no red tape or delays. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your problems and preventing them as much as possible.

4. Our invoices are accurate and detailed. Any additional work which is not covered by an agreement is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed. Additionally all charges are pre-approved by you so there are no surprises.

5. We guarantee to provide cost effective and right-fit solutions. We pride ourselves as different from other providers because we take the time to listen and provide you with right-fit solutions, so you’re not overspending on IT.

6. Prevention of computer problems. Unlike other companies who profit from your computer problems, we aim to prevent them in the first place leading to better productivity and less interruptions to your business.

7. We speak English. Communication is essential to any business relationship, we are able to discuss IT in business terms and in English. No jargon, simple and easy to understand.

8. We stay up-to-date so you won’t have to. We spend time and money staying on top of the latest developments in IT. We use this to provide the best recommendations to our customers.

9. We perform routine maintenance outside of business hours. Routine maintenance (where possible) is performed outside of your normal business hours, saving you thousands in lost productivity.

10. Our technicians are experienced and professional. Our technicians are suitably qualified and complete ongoing training as part of their employment. Additionally all our technicians are members of the Australian Computer Society – a national association for the technology sector, so you can rest assured of the quality and standard of our work.

11. We use the latest tools to deliver unrivalled support. We’ve invested in the tools to deliver IT services and support so you don’t have to. Our agreements with vendors allow us to use the latest technologies to save you time and money in getting problems resolved.

"I guarantee our technicians will be responsive to your needs, listen, follow through and deliver the best customer service. Most of all if you’re if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service I’ll give you your money back."

Samuel Wignall