About Us

About Blue York IT Solutions

Blue York IT Solutions (ABN 91 459 195 136) is based in the beautiful island state of Tasmania, Australia. We are an IT services company which specialises in providing IT support and business IT solutions to small/medium sized businesses and healthcare customers around Australia.

Even though Blue York IT was officially formed in 2013, our customers have been using our services under the founder's business name of 'Samuel Wignall' (read more about Samuel) since 2009.
We are founded on the ideal that IT should be simple, affordable and flexible for business of all sizes. We use the latest technologies to deliver responsive and affordable IT services around Australia.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that technology should be getting simpler, easier to understand, whilst still delivering benefits for you into the future.
There is no one size fits all for IT support; some businesses have more requirements, others have less requirements. With us you only pay for what you need.
Through this we believe IT should be affordable, accessible, and easy to understand for everyone and every business - whatever your size.

What's Different About Us?

We reduce our costs by using remote technology to deliver IT service wherever possible and we pass on those savings to you.
We don't aim to sell you something just because it's the most expensive, we really take the time to understand if it's the most cost-effective and the right-fit for you.
We work with business of all sizes from 1 to 1000+ employees. From one site, to multiple sites. From desk-workers to mobile workforces.

Our Values

Our values can be broken into three aspects.

>     We always aim to deliver the most cost-effective IT support and equipment that meets your needs
>     We always aim to deliver IT support and equipment that meets your needs today but also for tomorrow and years to come
>     We always aim to deliver the highest quality customer service, and post-sales support

Our Systems

We know that technology is an essential part of your business.

>     We have invested in tools that allow us to deliver unrivalled IT support and system monitoring via remote technologies
>     We have systems in place that ensure our level of support and service is always our highest
>     Our systems allow us to get things fixed fast, with minimal fuss and with no red tape or delays

Our People

We employ people who have a passion for technology and enjoy helping people with it.
You can be rest assured that only skilled technicians and engineers will advise on and work with your technology.


We believe we can only truly be the best IT provider by staying up-to-date with the latest developments in our field. This is why we are a member of the following IT and eHealth associations.
Promoting recognised standards, certifications, and assurance the service you receive from us is based on best practices in our industry.