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10 December 2013

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a link to some useful resources for Medical Practitioners and Practice Managers in helping them make decisions about eHealth. The following links are external sites.

1. NEHTA (National e-Health Transition Authority)
This is the national government body whose purpose is to support an national vision for eHealth in Australia. See about NEHTA. Here you will find information about different eHealth initiatives the government is working on, in addition to resources for all stakeholders.

2. PCEHR (Personally Controlled eHealth Record)
This is the official eHealth Record website. The eHealth record is a summary of patient’s health information which is stored online. PCHER is a key initiative in the government’s eHealth strategy. This website provides the portal for registration and setup for healthcare providers.

3. Medicare Online Australia
Most eHealth is handled through the above two sites – however some legacy tasks and information for practices is still accessed through Medicare Online.

4. Pulse IT Magazine
If you want the latest information on eHelath and Health IT, Pulse IT Magazine is worth a look. There you will find journalism dedicated eHealth focused specifically on Australia. Pulse IT Magazine operates a subscription-based magazine, but a lot of articles are free on their website.

There will be some more useful eHealth and Medical IT links coming in future blog posts.

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