When Tablet Computers are Appropriate

09 December 2013

As a follow-up to our blog post on Why we Still Need Laptops Over Tablets . We thought we should look at some of the cases where it may be smarter to deploy tablets to your mobile workforce instead of or in-addition to laptops.

Replacement for clipboards

Where your staff are using clipboards in the field, tablets may make a perfect replacement. Clipboards are usually held with one hand using the other to write, tablets fit this exact same workflow. Instead of recording to paper they are recording electronically into the tablet reducing the manual handling of paperwork.

Using a cloud-based platform

Where your business is already or about to use a cloud-based platform where staff access through a web browser or app – a tablet may be a good choice. This is because there will be less compatibility issues trying to run your business software on a tablet. However other basic process such as how to print/scan documents, email etc. should be considered as part of any deployment strategy to ensure this will work on your chosen tablet.

Limited data entry

Where only a limited amount of data or keyboard entry is required in field tablets may be superior – with their touch-based keyboard. However any serious data entry in the field will probably need an external keyboard or laptop instead.

Longer battery life

Generally speaking tablets do have a longer battery life than laptops because of the way the software and hardware has been designed. So if super long battery life is important then perhaps tablets may be preferable.


Most tablets are cheaper than business laptops. However the cost of ruggedizing tablets should be taken into account. This is usually done through shock-resistant cases and screen protectors, in addition to carry bags. Typically laptops only require carry bags and are not as prone to damage as tablets.

So there you have it. Some cases where it may be more appropriate to use tablets in a business setting over laptops.

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