Why Healthcare Information Technology is Different

02 December 2013

Medical IT and eHealth is different from just general IT services for standard businesses. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

Accuracy and attention to detail

The implementation of Medical IT and eHealth systems are critical to the delivery of patient care. This is why IT service providers need to ensure methods of data entry, storage and output are accurate and details about how data is managed within the system are critical. In no other industry is the workflow so important to ensure patient safety and care.

Processes and Reliability

Healthcare providers rely on their medical IT systems more than ever, especially with the advent of eHealth records, online prescriptions and secure electronic messaging. This is why IT systems in Healthcare must be reliable and the processes well defined.

Speciality Software Systems

Healthcare providers rely on a mix of speciality software systems to perform the different functions of eHealth. How the mix of different software systems work together and how they share information is critical to the successful operation of the practice and overall patient care.

Government Requirements

There are a number of government requirements and legislation that affect how IT services are provided. Ensuring your practice is compliant guarantees your patients are receiving the best care and the right information is being passed securely between stakeholders.


The PCEHR (Personally controlled eHealth Record) is to be the single greatest change to the way medical practitioners interact with their IT systems and the government. In no other industry is such a change taking place as in Healthcare – which is why it is critically important to review how this will affect your practice.

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