Why we Still Need Laptops over Tablet Computers

25 November 2013

Tablet computers are an integrated single unit which has a touchscreen. Over the past few years we have seen an explosion in Tablet computer sales – this all started with the iPad. The iPad made it easier to perform tasks we usually did on the PC such as email, browse the internet, watch videos and read the news. Apps which install on tablets make it easy to add new functions and extend uses for these devices.

The things that make tablets attractive and popular are also some of the reasons why we still need laptops to get actual work done. Laptops have been around another two decades ahead of tablets. Laptops, not surprisingly, can sit on your lap and open up to reveal a screen, physical keyboard and touchpad mouse.

As a consumer device tablets are a winner hands down. They make simple tasks easy, and they really are a media consumption device where you can read your newspapers, browse the web, catch-up on TV and listen to music.

But what about Tablets as commercial tools? Here are some of the reasons we think laptops are superior when it comes to getting work done.

Links in easier to business platforms

Laptops running Windows or Mac OS are much easier to use when trying to connect to the company server. Sure there are apps which you can use to do this on tablets – but they are not as reliable and as easy to use as a well setup Windows or Mac OS client laptop.

Business software is usually written for Windows/Mac

Most business software today is still written as client-server. So the software runs on the server system and the client computers connect to the server. Laptops running Windows/Mac are in a better place compatibility-wise when it comes to the options for different types of business software.

Business laptops can be locked down

A well setup company-supplied laptop can be locked down to prevent users from accidently installing malicious software and changing the configuration of the system. Both of which can lead to downtime and repairs. Business laptops can also be set to allow specific software programs only – to ensure the work that needs to be done is completed. Business laptops can also have their hard-drive encrypted to prevent access to the data should the machine be lost.

Better for your posture

Desktops are actually best for your posture. But after desktops comes laptops and well down the list are tablets. Using tablets causes strain on the user’s neck looking down and unless you are using an external keyboard there is also significant strain on your wrists. Laptops are much better for your posture than tablets because the screen is fully tilt adjustable, the keyboard is in a more natural angle and the device itself can be used comfortably on your lap.

File system

The iPad for instance has no file system each apps stores it’s data in its own area. This makes true multitasking difficult when this is compared this to the gold standard of multi-tasking on Windows/Mac laptops where the taskbar/dock allows seamless multitasking and data sharing.

Sure there are some times, and special cases when tablets are appropriate for deployment in businesses. However for most cases at this point in time – laptops are still the gold standard when it comes to actually getting work done on the road.

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