What is Malware and Anti-Malware?

17 February 2014

You may have heard the team Malware used a lot more by us and others recently. The reason is that Malware is replacing the term for a PC virus. A virus is a just one aspect of Malware.

Malware is an encompassing term which includes nasty programs which are designed to damage your computers and networks. Malware includes viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware and scamware.

As you can imagine none of those programs/ware types are very good at all. Which is why they are grouped together under the Malware heading.

Anti-virus software is dead.

To some extent anti-virus software is dead. All commercial grade anti-virus systems automatically protect from all the above mentioned Malware types. The anti-virus name is just a legacy of an era where there really were just PC viruses that had to be defended against.

Now the security landscape is a lot more complex and which is why using the term Anti-Malware to describe security solutions which solve all of the above it much more accurate.

We've invested in a security platform which provides protection from all of these nasties and many more. For those on our Managed IT services, they have the option to use our security platform for no extra charge! Another reason to have your Managed IT services with us!

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