Why Desktops are Sill Popular

14 July 2014

If there has been such an explosion in tablet and laptop sales over the past few years – why are desktop computers still so popular in the business setting?


The first is posture, a well setup desktop computer with the top of the screen in line with your eye level and a keyboard and mouse that can be adjusted is best for your posture. This way it reduces eye strain, neck strain and wrist strain.


Another reason is security, desktop computer are great in offices where sensitive information is being processed. They are not mobile and can easily be attached to the desk to prevent unauthorised removal.

Shared Offices

Desktops are also great in shared environments, where people often shift desks, or visit different areas of the office (e.g. conference rooms, interview rooms, procedure rooms, etc.). Roaming profiles allow your data and files to follow you to your different locations in the office on desktop computers.


Desktop computers are more flexible – they have a wide range of ports for different devices, are more powerful, and can support many monitors for the most productive environments.

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