Why Windows XP is now Less Secure

8 April 2014

So Today Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, an Operating System which is now 13 years old, and there have been 4 new iterations (Win Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8/ Win 8.1) of operating systems since Windows XP was introduced. So it's definitely time to ensure your business is moving away from Windows XP.

In those 13 years Microsoft has made strides to ensure our computing experience (and thus our businesses) are much more secure. They have invested a lot of money to ensure each iteration of the operating system is more secure than it's last.

Here are the reasons why Windows XP is so much less secure than a Windows 7 or 8 machine

1. Internet Explorer on XP is no longer being patched. The XP Operating System and Internet Explorer are now more likely to be attacked by viruses, malware, ransomware or other nasties as holes found in these programs are no longer being patched by Microsoft.

2. XP does not have User Account Control. User Account Control (UAC) ensures that programs cannot access system files or try to infect your PC with malware/ransomware, by reducing their level of privilege in the system.

3. XP does not have network locations. Network locations allow you to choose whether the network you are connected to is a ‘safe’ or ‘public’ network. Windows works harder to protect you when on these ‘public’ networks.

4. XP gives the default user Administrator rights. The default user has Administrator rights which mean any programs (or viruses) accidentally opened can cause enormous damage by making changes to system files and personal/company data.

5. XP does not have Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus) built in. Windows 8 has anti-virus built in which provides a basic level of protection. However we recommend a commercial grade Anti-virus/Malware solution for all our commercial customers.

If you are part of our Managed IT Services, you know we have been working with our clients still on Windows XP to ensure you have moved off the operating system by the end of support date. Another reason to have your Managed IT services with us!

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