Technology Trends for 2015

16 January 2015

Continued growth of Managed IT Services

Companies will continue to recognise the value of proactive rather than reactive IT maintenance and support in 2015. Proactive IT support and maintenance is delivered through a Managed IT Service arrangement, as traditional ad-hoc IT support is delivered in a reactive form whenever something breaks. When something breaks this results in downtime, lost productivity, lost information, additional labour and hardware expenses for the company affected.

Managed IT Services’ goal is to prevent failure by proactively monitoring, maintaining, managing and supporting all aspects of your IT. Managed IT Services saves you money by reducing unexpected costs, providing efficiency to your operations and reducing downtime of your systems. Managed IT Services will be the way of the future for small to medium sized businesses with the expected global growth in spending of this one segment to double in the next five years (Gartner)!

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IT Security becomes more important than ever

With the recent large scale data breaches at several companies including Sony Pictures, Home Depot, and Target we are witnessing a new wave of IT security implications. What we witnessed with Sony Pictures was a hack attack then subsequent blackmail with threats to release sensitive data if they didn’t comply with the hacker’s demands.

This can just as easily play out on a smaller scale as well (and often does, but doesn’t make the news). Hackers gain access to your systems through an unpatched or unsecure machine, then they use your machine for illegal activities, or plant a virus. The virus can cause all sorts of damage from wiping your data, wiping your backups, to locking your data and trying to extort money from you.

This is increasingly a problem with small businesses as we witnessed in 2014. This is why a proper security solution which encompasses your endpoints (client computers), and network must be designed, monitored and maintained as part of a Managed IT Service to appropriately mitigate these new threats.

Windows 10 will be released

Unlike Windows 8, which was a bit of a steep learning curve for companies (who mostly stayed with Windows 7 for good reason). Windows 10 aims to mix the best of both worlds with a familiar desktop environment with a start menu while still including some of the great features of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Windows is the premier platform for compatibility, security, management and compliance in the business world, Windows 10 will likely be a winner when it is released mid year.

Portable technology

Portable technology (such as phones and tablets) will continue to increase. We will also see the introduction of more competitors into this space, and a cross-over between tablets and laptops. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the best example of this – and we believe hits the right mark. A hybrid laptop/tablet which can be used in laptop mode, or disconnect the keyboard and used as a tablet. It also runs Windows (for compatibility), is lightweight and has long battery life.

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