Windows 8 Users: Watch Out For a Large Automatic Update

17 March 2015

Just a heads up to anyone out there running Windows 8 (that's the version before the latest Windows 8.1). It appears that Microsoft will now automatically push out the 3.5GB+ update for Windows 8.1 automatically for Windows 8 computers, from this week (in Australia).

Those who use mobile internet connections should be careful that the update doesn't start automatically while you're on a metered internet connection (e.g. 3G/4G service).

If you want a bit more control over the updating procedure check out ASK VG’s blog (external link) about how to prevent Windows 8 from automatically updating to Windows 8.1.

If you require any assistance please let us know. All our IT Support customers don’t have to worry as we will take care of any updating automatically for you during our routine maintenance windows.

Remember Microsoft will end support for Windows 8 in January 2016 (so you should have some plans to update to Windows 8.1 soon).

To check what version of Windows you are running check this Microsoft webpage

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