Using 4G Mobile Internet as a Backup Internet Connection

19 October 2016

As services such as email and applications are moving towards the cloud - the link your business has to the outside world becomes even more important. When your internet goes down you lose access to anything in the cloud; commonly email/websites, but increasingly line of business applications, and critical functionality.

Cloud services

Cloud services depend on your internet connection to work. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you’re using an onsite service or one hosted somewhere else in a data centre. For example Microsoft’s Office 365 is hosted in the cloud, so an outage would prevent you from connecting to Exchange server for your email and calendars. If you were using a business application hosted somewhere else that would also stop working if your internet went down.

Cost of being down

Unfortunately, even with business grade internet services - outages do happen. We have witnessed outages lasting over 5 days when telecommunications equipment was damaged by a vehicle accident a block away from the business. An outage lasting an entire week, or even just a few hours, could cause significant disruption to your business and lost income.

How it works

We increasingly recommend businesses heavily reliant on the Internet for their day to day operations invest in a router and modem supporting 4G failover. This basically allows your router to have two internet connections; the primary one such as NBN or ADSL, and a secondary one over the mobile phone network (also known as 4G). An outage on the primary connection causes the router to switch to the secondary connection. When the primary connection is available again, the router switches back automatically.

Whilst there are some relatively small costs involved in setting up the service, and some ongoing costs – you will reap the benefits when you next have an internet outage and no one at the office notices because the router has automatically failed-over to the 4G internet connection.

If you would like any more information on routers, 4G modems or support services relating to this please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us below.

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