Technology Trends for 2016

19 January 2016

Windows 10 Pro for Business

Windows 10 has been out now for about 6 months and in that time it has had one major update in November 2015. We have been testing Windows 10 and have found it to be a great operating system for business. Both familiar in terms of user experience (similar to Windows 7), but also includes some of the great business features of Windows 8 (and some new ones exclusive to Windows 10).

As long as your primary Line of Business application vendor supports Windows 10, we are comfortable rolling out Windows 10 to our business customers at their next hardware refresh or on request from our customers. We have had only minor application incompatibilities, and most apps from Windows 7/8 work right out of the box. One thing to be mindful of is that we only support Windows 10 Pro, not the standard version of Windows 10 which is designed for home users.

Solid State Drives Become Mainstream

One of the biggest bottlenecks in performance of PCs and Macs has been the Hard Drive. Over the past decade we have seen substantial increases in performance of CPU, Memory and even the chipset on the mainboard. However the Hard Drive has been a bottleneck. You would most likely notice the performance hit when your PC starts doing something in the background such as a virus scan, or an update.

Solid state drives remove the mechanical spinning disk, and platter heads, and replace them with memory chips to store data. The advantage is speed, without the mechanical disks the drive doesn’t have that physical limitation. Solid state drives improve logon performance, speed at which applications open, and allow background tasks to run without interrupting the user (with slow performance). After being around several years now, Solid State drives are ready for the desktop/laptops of businesses in 2016.

IT Security - More Than Just Anti-Virus

The traditional reactive mindset of dealing with IT in general and specifically security issues will go the way of the dodo as IT security comes to the forefront as a business concern. In 2015 we saw a ramping up (particularly in the last 6 months) of ransomware attacks targeted at healthcare providers (doctors, specialists, hospitals), financial/accountants and small businesses in general through emails and even through visiting an infected page on the web.

Anti-virus software while still important is only one aspect of protecting your business in 2016. No business should be relying on one or two aspects to protect themselves, they should have many layers. In most cases they should engage a professional to guide them in what is suitable (both cost and technically) for their sized business.

Managed Services Will Continue to Grow

Businesses getting tired of their IT causing problems will embrace the proactive nature of Managed IT Services in 2016. Reactive IT services costs the business downtime, lost productivity, and emergency fees when something breaks down. Managed IT Services helps to prevent failure by proactively monitoring, maintaining and supporting all aspects of your IT – helping to reduce unexpected costs. Managed IT Services is the future for IT management in SMBs of all sizes.

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