Windows 10 Is It Right For Your Business?

26 February 2016

Microsoft has made a concerted effort to try to get everyone on Windows 7 and Windows 8 to update to Windows 10. They want everyone to be running the same version of the operating system.

As we’ve previously discussed (see here), Windows 10 may be the last version to carry a version number – with the idea being that Microsoft will continue to release updates and features for Windows 10, rather than waiting until 'Windows 11'.

The Issue With Upgrading

While Microsoft may appear to make the upgrade process trivial with nag screens on websites, and even on the desktop itself if you happened to install the 'Prepare for Windows 10' update through Windows Update - the process is anything but trivial for businesses.

Windows 10 is a major upgrade and changes the versions of vital system files often used by business applications. While consumer grade applications are updated often to make sure they work with the latest Windows, business grade software must go through more testing, approval and compliance checks before it can be released.

If the update goes wrong you can potentially be left with downtime for your business, while the system is recovered to working state.

Our Recommendation

Don’t get us wrong; we believe Windows 10 is a great platform and will become the new business standard environment. However we recommend waiting until all your business applications support Windows 10 – so if something goes wrong help is at hand.

Additionally we don’t recommend an in-place upgrade (i.e. upgrading from a working Windows 7 or 8 computer), we recommend clean installing Windows 10, or purchasing it with a new computer. This way potential issues are substantially reduced, and software you install can configure itself for the right environment. Windows 7 will continue to be supported by Microsoft (i.e. security updates) until January 2020, and Windows 8 untill January 2023 - so there is no rush to upgrade your systems.

Finally for a business environment make sure you’re getting Windows 10 Pro (not the standard Windows 10). Otherwise you may not be able to connect to your server.

If you would like any more information or support about upgrading to Windows 10 – don’t hesitate to contact us using the information below.

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