Our services

How do our monthly services typically work?

For a monthly fee we look after the support, maintenance, management and security of your IT systems and computers. We become your IT department handling everything IT related. Below are some of the benefits companies can expect from our service.

Day to day support

  • New user management - creating new users on desktops/laptops/servers and email accounts (such as Office 365 management) & configuring applications
  • Domain management - we manage your Windows Server system & also manage web domains (www addresses) to ensure uninterrupted web and email service
  • Daily support - if something isn’t working we're here to help... often we can use remote support during the call - all support is included
  • Anyone can call - anyone in your company can call or email our support line
  • Help with desktops, laptops, servers, Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Help with mobile devices, wireless and wired networks at the office - to keep your employees connected on mobile devices
  • Help with anything IT related – we don’t make it difficult, or ask you to contact other vendors - we can deal with most IT things on your behalf to save you time

  • Maintenance and management

  • Security - ransomware is a huge threat to small businesses, our proprietary ransomware protection techniques can help prevent an infection on your systems
  • Updates - we manage operating system and application updates centrally to ensure you stay up-to-date and don't waste time updating computers manually
  • Advice - we can provide business advice on new equipment, software and services suitable for your business
  • Supply - we can supply equipment or we can connect you with the suppliers directly - whatever suits your needs best
  • Monitoring - we monitor performance and other parameters of desktops, laptops and servers to identify issues and resolve them before they impact your employees
  • Management - we help you manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best
  • Strategy - we can independently consult with you on IT related aspects to ensure you only get what you really need
  • Projects work - most types of project work such as setting up new computers are covered under the monthly agreement
  • Documentation - we create documentation about how your systems are setup - which is yours to keep

  • Compliance

  • Backups - we monitor your backups in real-time to make sure they are working when you need them
  • Disaster recovery - we make sure your data is safe from disasters
  • Cloud - we can help manage all your cloud based services like Office 365 - we also help keep your data secure on all your devices accessing the cloud
  • Update compliance - ensure all devices are patched and secured centrally
  • Manage devices on the road or in the field - secure those devices against data theft
  • Industry specific compliance - we specialise in industry specific compliance if required

  • Value

  • Month to month - our agreement is monthly so you're not locked-in and can leave our services easily if they don't suit
  • No unexpected fees - services are covered in the monthly fee, no hourly fees are applicable during business hours
  • You only pay the monthly fee - it doesn't matter how long problems take to resolve or how many problems you have
  • Best practice - as a member of the Australian Computer Society we have access to best practices which can help provide a right-fit solution to your business
  • Improved productivity - allow your staff to focus on what they do best rather than trying to resolve computer issues
  • Peace of mind - our system monitors your systems for issues 24/7 to help prevent downtime and outages
  • Security is included - we provide real-time protection against security threats to help keep your systems and data secure

  • We look forward to hearing from you to see if we can help! Contact us using the information below