Add On Services

These products are paid monthly avoiding upfront expenditure, so you just pay for the level of IT you need month to month. Also you can add and remove products as you need to with no lock-in contracts.

On this page: Managed Security Services (IT Security),     Data Backup Services,     Disaster Recovery Services,     Battery Backup Services

Managed Security Services (IT Security)

A security solution for your small to medium sized business. Helps protect you from the risk of viruses, malware and other email and web threats from affecting your network and systems.

  • We provide Managed Security Services on our 'Level 2 - Maintenance' and 'Level 3 - Management' IT Support plans - included for no extra cost
  • It can also be purchased separately as a separate item for other devices, or if you're on 'Level 1 - Monitoring'
  • End-to-end security services. Protection from internal/external IT security threats
  • Helps protect you from: viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers, scams, web threats, email threats, phishing scams
  • Helps protect your business data and software from IT security threats
  • We centrally monitor and manage the service so you never have to worry about it; we check each device is updating automatically, and the services are running
  • Protect your servers, workstations, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with our solution
  • No upfront costs, just a small monthly fee for each device (paid yearly or monthly)
  • Reduces the risk of an IT security incident which can cost companies their reputation. 60% of companies breached by IT security incidents never recover Experian Incident Report 2013
  • Saves you the time and hassle of managing it yourself on all your devices

  • Data Backup Services

    A backup solution for your small to medium business - allowing both onsite and off-site backups to ensure your data is safe from disaster.

  • Protection from: hardware failure, sabotage, viruses, building fire/flood, natural disasters
  • Protects your business data
  • Archive ability - restore data from a particular week or date
  • Off-site backups either physically or in the Cloud
  • All backups are automatically encrypted with bank-grade encryption
  • Backup workstations, servers and other devices automatically
  • We monitor the backups to make sure they are working ok, we also 'test restore' the backups on a set schedule to ensure they are working as expected
  • Save the hassle, time and risk of managing the backups yourself
  • Add or remove backup options as you like - no lock in contracts
  • Fully compatible with onsite and/or cloud-based servers and workstations
  • Pay as a small monthly fee - no upfront expenses

  • Disaster Recovery and Fail-over Services

    These services reduce downtime in the event of a server outage/failure, or other disaster affecting your network.

  • Real-time protection from hardware and software failures on your server
  • As soon as a fault occurs on your primary server, the backup server takes it's role (restoration times usually within 1 hour)
  • Backup server takes automatic snapshots of your primary server every few minutes - to ensure the backup server has the most recent data
  • Protects all your business data, business software, and server configuration
  • Works with existing backup solutions (this is not an off-site backup - rather it's a fail-over solution)
  • Reduces risk of extended downtime and lost productivity of your staff
  • We monitor the condition of the backup server and the backup data. We do a 'test recovery' on a set schedule to ensure it's working as designed
  • Paid as a small monthly fee - no huge upfront expenses for the software and equipment

  • Battery Backup Services

    There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a customer's transaction and losing power - did the transaction go through? What about when you're working on an important document and suddenly the power cuts out?
    What about that expensive software you have on your server, and the customer database - what if the database was corrupted by the power outage?

    This service allows you to have a Battery Backup (also known as an UPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply) on all the systems you need, without the upfront cost. For a small monthly fee you recieve:

  • We supply a Battery Backup with an appropriate power rating size for your system
  • We configure it to ensure it will provide the best protection for you
  • We will monitor the condition of the Battery Backup and resolve all issues relating to the Battery Backup - you will never pay any labour to maintain the device
  • We will order and replace the internal batteries at no cost to you
  • We will replace the unit when it reaches the 'end of lifecycle' and provide you with another Battery Backup at no charge
  • You always have a worry-free Battery Backup system. You save time and hassle of managing the Battery Backup yourself
  • You reduce the risk of downtime and failures due to poorly maintained battery backup
  • Your equipment is protected... and you can keep working for up to 1 hour when the power goes out
  • No initial upfront investment, just a small monthly fee

  • About add-on services

    >     All services are fixed-price
    >     They save large initial investment and allow you to change your service level at any time
    >     No lock in contracts
    >     Simple IT services that solve business needs and are flexible to your requirements

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