Genie Solutions Installations and Support

About Genie Solutions

Genie Solutions is a popular specialist software practice management system which includes appointments, billing, and clinical management functions. Also it is compatible with all major secure messaging and pathology/radiology providers’ electronic messaging applications.
It is now used by around 40% [1] of medical specialists in Australia. It is also at the forefront of eHealth with full integration with the Government’s Electronic Medical Records.

How we Can Help

If you are considering Genie or already have Genie in your practice, then you want specialist advice and service. We have helped practitioners transition from other medical systems to Genie successfully with little to no downtime and huge benefits.
We have worked with Genie at these practices to ensure the best hardware, backup and disaster recovery solutions are applied.
Then once set-up - the IT maintenance and support services required to keep it running at it's best.

When you Need Specialist Advice

With an investment like Genie, it’s important that the system is running well and is reliable. Our solutions and services are especially designed with this in mind.
Give us a call if you’re considering Genie because we believe technology should be straightforward, and cost-effective. Our expertise costs you no extra - just pick an IT support plan and you're away.

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Source: [1] 01 July 2014