When you are considering a new IT project for your business, it can be difficult to know where to start. We have the necessary contacts and experience in planning, developing and implementing IT projects for a range of businesses.

Commercial Solutions

>     NBN (National Broadband Network) Installations and Strategy
>     Printers and Scanners Installation and Support
>     Remote Desktop Systems (Offsite access)
>     New Hardware/Software Supply and Installation (Procurement)
>     Cloud Computing Options and Strategy
>     Virtualisation and Energy Saving
>     Backup Systems and Disaster Recovery
>     Security Systems (including Anti-Virus)
>     Website Hosting Services
>     Remote Troubleshooting and Support
>     Onsite Troubleshooting and Support
>     Asset Auditing and Documentation
>     Fixed Price IT Services (also known as Managed IT Services)
>     Mobile Workforce Solutions
>     Video Conferencing Solutions
>     POS (Point of Sales) Support
>     CCTV/Video Surveillance

eHealth and Medical IT Specific Solutions

>     Practice Software System Support
>     Transition to New Practice Software Systems
>     Connecting to the Government eHealth Record System
>     Telehealth Solutions
>     See Medical IT

Consultancy Service

Project Management

>     Research
>     Planning
>     Assessment of solutions
>     Designing
>     Implementation
>     Measurement of results

If you're considering a new IT project we we might be able to help. Our specialist advice, contacts and management will help ensure you get a successful outcome.